Meeting Tuesday 7 September 2021

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Tony Ong
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Meeting Tuesday 7 September 2021

Post by Tony Ong » Wed Sep 01, 2021 8:20 pm

Hi all
This month's meeting, we have the following activities.
A talk about vises. You know, the type that you tie flies with, not ones that you get in trouble for. A lot of us in the club use Dyna King vise of one style or another for good reason. We'll discuss different types/styles of vise. What to look for when if you're in the market for a new vise. Difference between clamp and pedestal. If you have a different vise, please bring along, as it's always interesting to see what is out there. So far we have various styles of Dyna King, Renzetti, Regal, and an Aussie built Dingo vise.
Simon is going to lead a discussion about Carp fishing in Perth. He's not going to spill secret spots, but more a how to target carp. If you have some carp flies that work, please bring them along on the night.
To tie in with the freshwater weekend field day/camp out, we'll be tying a pheasant tail nymph fly.
As mentioned, this month's field day is the freshwater weekend. More details to follow.
Graeme will be doing roll casts on the water at the meeting venue, starting at 4.30pm. Graeme does these casting sessions prior to the meeting at no charge. The tips and advise that he gives really accelerate improvements in casting. Please support him by coming along to learn more.
Hope to see you on the night.

Simon Gilbert
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Re: Meeting Tuesday 7 September 2021

Post by Simon Gilbert » Thu Sep 02, 2021 11:49 am

With regards to the discussion on Carp....

I have been having a ball on Carp over the last couple of years. I have caught quite a few over 3kg and seen fish probably over 6kg. Some people seem to think they are an easy target and perhaps they are in some locations - but not where I fish. They can be as frustrating and spooky as trout. That's what I find makes them a great/fun target. I think they are great training for spotting fish, reading fish body language, experimenting with different flies and casting techniques which can be carried on to all sorts of other fish. There is a good reason why some people call carp 'Hillbilly Bonefish'. However it seems to me that different techniques work in different locations over Perth.

I really only have experience in one water 'system' in Perth. If you have had success carp fishing, please be a part of this discussion. I'll bring up the main topics, indicate what has worked for me and then pass the discussion to the 'floor' where hopefully you can offer your opinions. Let's find out what flies, leaders, sinking rates, times, line sizes or whatever works so the less experienced guys at the meeting can get the most out of this topic (including me). You don't need to give up secret spots - just be prepared to offer your opinions and perhaps bring along some of the flies that have worked for you.


Roger Smith
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Re: Meeting Tuesday 7 September 2021

Post by Roger Smith » Wed Sep 08, 2021 11:08 am

Thanks Simon. That was a very interesting talk last night.
It was great how everybody was invited into the discussion, we all learned a lot from a wide range of experiences. It was also a bit of a laugh and I really enjoyed it
Roger :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Meeting Tuesday 7 September 2021

Post by Brett » Wed Sep 08, 2021 4:30 pm

Nice afternoon for a bit of Roll Casting tuition. Thanks Hirdy :D

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