A case for fluorocarbon tippets.

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A case for fluorocarbon tippets.

Post by Glenn » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:59 pm

I've spent a few mornings casting from the rocks in the Dawesville Cut in recent days. It took me a little while to figure out where the fish were holding in the strong current but then I started hooking up consistently. A sinking 6# line with a Kalgan Clouser on a long leader did the damage. It was a fish a cast for a while- either skippy or small salmon trout. Lots of fun but then I lost 3 flies in quick succession, all neatly snipped off by what I can only assume were tailor.

I then tied in a short length of 12lb mono as a bite tippet but I couldn't get any interest at all- only a few chases. In frustration, I changed back to 6lb fluoro and immediately started catching again, but also lost several more flies to the toothy brigade.

This morning I tried again with the heavier mono but again there were no takers. After reverting to the original 6lb set up I managed several skippy and 3 salmon trout in very short order. There didn't seem to be any tailor about at all but I expect this was due to the stage of the run out tide. What was interesting was that the fluoro was certainly more productive, probably being less obvious in the water than the mono. My next test will be to try with 10lb fluoro and see if that makes any difference to the outcome.

I tried to upload some pics but the files were too large so in the meantime I'll post them on face book.

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