Boneheads attendees - estimate of number

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Boneheads attendees - estimate of number

Post by GDay » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:42 pm

gday Boneheads,
I am assisting Pete Morse gather some data around approximately how many different people have attended Boneheads over the past 20 years.
Unfortunately I don't have any of the email lists from the days when I was organising the event as these would be a good source of data.
So I am reaching out to any of you who may have the following;
- any attendee spreadsheet that may have been emailed to you from any year
- any bulk email from a past Boneheads event that I can glean the names from
- any Saltwater flyrodders members list that I could pour over to pick out the known attendees

Just email me at with anything that might help.


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