Ghosts of Boneheads Past

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Re: Ghosts of Boneheads Past

Post by Tony Ong » Tue Jun 16, 2020 7:44 pm

Boneheads 2018. The below fish was caught on the infamous 'Princess Parade.' Half way through the week, weather forecast for the gulf was not great with easterly winds. Decision was made to fish out Ningaloo lagoon. I think everyone had the same idea, and quite a few guys got out early. Was a late start for Steve and I, as we went into town for some supplies.
Finished our errands around town, hitched up the boat and made our way to Tantabiddy. What greeted us was a procession of boats coming back from the ramp. We wondered if there was an issue at the boat ramp. Pulled up at the ramp, and what greeted us was a lumpy sea. The forecasted easterly was more of a south easterly. With everyone turning around, Steve and I had a cunning plan. Just to spite the others who turned around, we were going to launch regardless and have a fish somewhere. Dave and Eric also had a late start, and also thought that the rest of the 'princesses' should be shamed. :lol:
Launched the boat and made our way south pass the first sanctuary zone. Conditions looked worse than it actually was. The drive down was reasonably pleasant considering the conditions we faced. Part of the chores in the morning was to pick up a block of mulies. It was always going to be a little lumpy, so we came prepared. Found a spot loaded with a string of bommies. Anchored up and started the burley trail. The fishing wasn't hot to trot, but we managed to scrape together half a dozen different species. What made the day was this fellow which fell to Steve. Just goes to show, you'll never know, if you never go.
To top it off, after the princesses got shamed at the nightly round up, not a single boat dared not launch the following day. The conditions were actually rougher than the day before. :lol:
The other side note to this story is that Bluewater Tackle World Exmouth had never seen that many fly fishermen come in to pick up blocks of mulies after our nightly report. :lol:

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Re: Ghosts of Boneheads Past

Post by daniel horne » Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:23 am

That's one of my dream fish right there!
Well done

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