Deviled Disco Shrimp

The Disco Shrimp is a Drew Chicone fly, designed for Mangrove Snapper and Redfish. Paul Vogl scaled it down and added Ecogear Assist Hooks, to try and achieve a better hook-up rate. The fly also needed to be cast on a 2 weight. Still in it’s infancy, but here is where it sits now.


Hook: Gamakatsu B10S size 6
Assist: Ecogear ZX Assist Hooks
Thread: Danville Tan 210 Denier
Feelers: Shrimp Pink Silli Legs
Antennae: Root Beer Krystal Flash
Head: Tan Arctic Fox fur
Body: Blend of tan & Pink Dubbing. BMS is good, but I have used Dave Whitlock SLF here.
Eyes: EP Shrimp Eyes -small
Carapace: 2mm foam- Tan
Cup: Gold sequin

Step 1:
Slide sequin onto hook, so that it’s convex face, is facing outward.

Step 2:
Take assist hook and remove split ring from set, using split ring pliers. Slide the hook through the assist chord (there is a loop) and tie down, so that the hooks extend past the bend of the hook. Once secure, super glue this. The connection looks a little bulky on this one, as I have added two wraps of lead wire as a trial.

Disco Shrimp2


Step 3:

Take a small pinch of tan arctic fox and wrap on top of the assist connection.

Disco Shrimp3

Step 4:

Take 2 silli legs and tie down at the midpoint of the leg. Fold the remainder over and wrap down. Add two strands of Root Beer Krystal flash as antennae.
Disco Shrimp4

Step 5:

Take two EP Shrimp eyes and secure on top as per photo. Once secured, take a couple of wraps around each stem, so that the eyes splay.

Disco Shrimp5
Step 6:

You can add a small 3mm rattle if you wish at this point. If so, tie down on top of the hook in between the eyes and super glue. My original pattern did not, but it’s worth trying. Now tie down a second pinch of arctic fox, so that it extends past the first piece.

Disco Shrimp6

Step 7:

Cut a strip of foam and taper one end as per below. Tie down with several tight wraps.

Disco Shrimp7

Step 8:

Take some dubbing and dub two or three wraps under the foam and tie down once more.

Disco Shrimp8









Step 9:

Repeat step 8, tapering the dubbing towards the tail. Tie down and whip finish foam. Apply a little Sally Hansen’s to the whip finish.

Disco Shrimp9

Step 10:

Trim the foam square, so that it sits just above the sequin. Use a bodkin to tease out some dubbing to create legs. Go fish it!

Disco Shrimp10

Fish on a floating line very early morning / late evening at first/last light around Bank Reed Rushes and cover for Bream. Give a strip and wait for the smash. On the flats the whiting prefer a more constant strip. Try it out it’s can produce some great visual fishing.