Duck on a Hook

Duck on a Hook is a David Reverdito take on the Chook on a Hook GT fly. Tie some up and chuck the duck at some VW Geets and hang on.


Hook:     Gamakatsu SL12S #6/0 or 8/0

Tail:         8 Schlappen feathers

Flash:      Crystal Flash – same colour as the feathers

Head:     Sheep’s wool

Eyes:       Stick on

Step 1. Tie on the thread and bind down the 8 Schlappen feathers – I don’t get too fussed about sorting them out, they end up aligning themselves OK.

















Step 2. Tie on the Crystal flash – I use 4 strands that I fold and place half each side of the fly.

















Step 3. Wrap some lead wire around the shank towards the head of the fly, and soak it with superglue.

















Step 4. Tie in a clump of sheep’s wool with the cut end facing forward – leave yourself enough room for a small whip finish near the eye.

















Step 5. Comb back the wool as per the picture below and whip finish the fly.

















Step 6. Stick on the eyes – I use Zap-A-Dap-A-Goo II as that glues them well to the wool.

















Step 7. Comb back the wool to give the head the shape you desire, and then I use Liquid Fusion to coat the eyes and the head for strength and durability.

















Step 8. That’s it, you are done. If you want to you can trim the wool a bit once the glue has dried, but the fish don’t care…